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Our Story

Mike Hershberger was born and raised in the Amish area near
Sugar Creek, Ohio where he worked alongside of his uncle Mervin
Kline Sugar Creek Concrete in Millersburg, Ohio learning the
concrete business. He asked questions and learned. The weather in
Ohio only allows for concrete work to be done for a portion of the year
so in the spring of 2003, 

Mike moved to North Carolina with the
blessing of his family to open his own concrete company where he
could work year round. All American Concrete, LLC was born. It was
slow at first. 

Slowly, through some advertising and through word of
mouth from satisfied customers, the company began to grow. He
began to work with several builders in the area while continuing his
residential work. Residential work is Mike’s
passion, helping existing homes return to their glory, with new and
updated concrete throughout. 

Today, we have our own work crews,
our own trucks and equipment and work throughout the North
Carolina area and into Virginia. We believe in God, country and family
and giving our customers the best job at the best price. We believe
that the best advertising is to do the best job for you that we possibly
can and that you will share your story with others who may also need
work done.

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